Propane Plus Cutting Gas

Propane Pllus Cutting

Propane Plus is a new Cutting gas fuel developed to meet the specific demands of steel fabrications for a high-performing, safer to handle, and cost effective fuel gas for the metal cutting applications.

The product acted as a perfect and efficient substitute to acetylene for heating and metal cutting applications. This product gave us the competitive advantage over current industrial gases distributors in the market by providing the customers a product that can reduce their costs down to 50%. Propane + Cutting Gas is available in four cylinder sizes: 11 Kg, 22Kg, 44Kg and 280Kg

We introduced the solution to supply the Propane Plus as bulk to client’s site, by installing central storage system and pipeline network throughout their fabrication shed and the Propane Plus will be supplied via our bobtails. Such solution is more efficient it terms of time and product cost.