LPG Cylinders


UNIGAS proudly operates 3 LPG bottling plants designed with the latest technology to ensure the highest level of safety and environment friendly.The three facilities are distributed in the following locations in the UAE: Sharjah plant with a filling capacity of 320 cylinders per hour, Ras Al Khaimah plant with a filling capacity of 140 cylinders per hour, and Khorfakan plant with a filling capacity of 80 cylinders per hour The three plants are designed and equipped to fill LPG cylinders sizes: 5.5 Kg, 11 Kg, 22 Kg, and 44Kg. The supplies of the cylinders are managed by UNIGAS cylinders distribution division, and the authorized distributors in Sharjah and Northern Emirates.

UNIGAS plays a role in the overseas market by exporting LPG cylinders according to the countries requirements.UNIGAS provides the following LPG mixture blends of Butane & Propane according to the customers requirements as follows:

  • Butane 80% : Propane 20%
  • Butane 70% : Propane 30%
  • Butane 65% : Propane 35%
  • Butane 50% : Propane 50%